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from lj_user=Yokes

(click for photos)
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Congratulations! Your wedding pix are great. I am being manipulated in to having a wedding that I don't want. I wish I could just run away to Vegas.
Argh! It sucks when other people try to take over your special day.
Congrats again. Awesome pictures.

And very brave having an outdoor wedding at the beginning of May!!

A little windy but yay for sunshine!!
Yeah, it was touch-and-go there for a while. We did have a light rain as bex was coming up the hill, but after that it was clear.
Love the locale! Outdoor weddings are always the best.

And congratulations!!!
Congratulations! Everything looked so amazing! Also I love those letters made out of the natural objects - so cool. :)
A friend of ours makes those -

She's in Ireland for a week or so, but call her later on - she will do custom words or whole alphabets if you like.
Thanks again for inviting us. We had a great time!
thanks for yr shots & free web hosting
Lovely wedding, owenf! I wish you both lots of married bliss and good days! :-)